Will I Ever – The Ghost

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Download free 9ja music on 9jamusicbox.com

Will I Ever by The Ghost  now he’s back with a sad song about the loss of a lover. The song (Will I Ever) is filled with such raw emotion you can actually hear the pain in his voice. I don’t know about y’all but I’m actually in love with this song, the message is very clear—–‘I love you and can’t continue living in this hell without you‘.”

[col col=6]The Ghost is more than just your typical rapper trying to mimic the ways of the west. Oh No…he’s more than that. He has message, direction, content and the quality of actually earning the acclaimed and often overused title -‘Lyricist’.

He dazzled with wordplay in his previous effort ‘Lighters Up‘ from the beginning of the song to the end…. ‘Don’t forget your BEGINNING because you’ve got ENDS now’
‘pray that we make ends meet till we meet the end’[/col]
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Will I Ever – The Ghost

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