TiTo Mboweni Lyrics By Cassper Nyovest

TiTo Mboweni Lyrics By Cassper Nyovest

TiTo Mboweni Lyrics By Cassper Nyovest, download TiTo Mboweni audio HERE

I’m tired of caTtching Ls like a fever
I’m tryna change this Tazz into a beamer
Pop a bottle on an island with a diva
She said she want some more Ima feed her

Ima get it any type of way
If it’s real then you say it to my face
I’m proud to say my niggas are the same , they relate , we do this for the cake
Dat dat
Tito Mboweni!!! Tito Mboweni!!! (sha!!! Sha!!!) (X8)

Verse 1
Young rich nigga x2
I made myself a boss me a Zim Zimmer
Man you should see my life it gets litmus
I used to talk shit and now I’m talking 6 figures
Oh boy I’m G with this shit
You should probably leave your girl if I’m seen with the bitch
The Philippe e tseisa bana sedidi cause I’m rich
Got a Bentley and a Bentley major league with the whips
Ntja mme Ntja mme Ntja mme Ntja mme
You know you’re rich when everybody say you cousins
And all you bitches wanna hold your hand in public
But that shit never fly like it’s Dj Khalid
I’m a problem !!! Nah nah nah , I’m a big one
Costume watches got a nigga dancing with the wrist up
Out in DBN they love the boy like he Mampitsha
Started at the bottom now we feasting on some dimsum!!! (Chorus)

Verse 2
I’m the man I’m legit/ just spent 10 on a crib/ bitch I look like a superstar from whatever angle it’s lit/ I’m a real nigga with real jewelry/ fake fake news / fuck fake friends / tell everybody I’m your very first and before me you used to hate men/ if you don’t, then bitch I’m gone(Gone Gone)/ I’m hop in the Rarri(skrrr skrrr) /foot to the floor(foot to the floor)/ I’m rocking versace( rocking Versace) , but I smell like Doir( Fah! Fah! / hop in my transie, kego tsenye dilong( Skrrr skrrr) / I’m a go getter /and there’s no better / izinja zami bezi’hlupega/ feeling so set up /by the system even wrote letters/ and approached members/ of the government who won’t help us/we so fed up/ man we tryna get to to Coachella, we have goals Phela/ Minnie’s married Amber Rosè better know I’m close / and I’m so determined go mo rotela and I won’t settle , until we compromised on no level / (chorus)

TiTo Mboweni Lyrics By Cassper Nyovest